Friday, September 14, 2012

Get ready .... to Start! Here are your hints and skips!!!

Yeah for the start! Here is the Starting URL along with your hints and skips :) Be sure to check the store's hint giver for the most up to date! These are all good and checked and verified by me personally as of 2:45pm mountian time the 15th of September! I will updated it again as needed :)
Some stores are skipped, if they get their items fixed then I will update the blog as I can.


1 Use me abuse me... go up and down me... oh no you broke me ...

2 Look beyond the dragon and you may find what you seek!

3 See the Hint giver at the store!

4  I'm on the hunt once more,
Not sure what I should be looking for.
Trailer trash always has a DOGGY,
So I better not try BREAKING & ENTERING.

5 Looking around the whole store ... I sit here but i am not on the floor.

6 See the TEACUP HINT GIVER at the store for your hint!

7 i feel like a princess with these jewels!

8 Look in equipment room

See the hint giver at the store for your hint!

10 Get your hint from the Hint Giver by the Hunt Sign.
11  "What goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that's down can come up. Thank god for Viagra."

12 NOT READY skip to =

13 I'm such a springtime cum slut (double check with hint giver at the front)

14 "Nothing beat's the smell of hot & sweaty people

15 Can I get some more 1's, 5's and quarters?

16  Unlucky

17 Someone tried to peep before it was finished,
so look for the person who is now diminished

18 Zip Lines are Fun! :D

19  I love turtles (upstairs in women section)

20 I"m Hiding in the Stacks! (just touch to receive gift)

21 See Hint giver on sign at the store!

22  Get it again, or get a gift for a friend.

23  Sorry Under Construction!

24 Careful, if you lean to far over the rail ..... oops and down you go.

25 NOT READY SKIP to number one!

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  1. Is there a way to get the urls for the sponsors? Cause if I can't find one I'd like to move on to the next until I can go back an find it?