Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stalker Trailer Trash HINTS!!!

Stalker Trailer Trash Hunt
40 Stores
September 15th to the 30th

Starts Here:

Trailer Trash Hunt ... everything trailer.. slutty, whores, manwhores, thugs ... back alleys ... if you can find it in a trailer park, you can find it in this hunt!!!! Brought to you by Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia.

updated as of 9/17 @ 3:14pm SLT

1 Our Teeth are Flossed!

2 Please see in store hunt hint giver at landing point.

3 Every trailer should have a bird cage.

4 Be sure to grab a HINT.

5 how da heck did'ya get 'er stuck under there?

6 Stalkers usually aren't very stable...

7 All Trashy girls can dance, but instead of a little bump and grind, brush up on your Spanish and dance with me... 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4....

8 would you care to JOIN me?

9 "Even trailer Park Princesses are comfortable in their own skin!"

10 Tickle the doorman he has the clue

11 Beyonces sister sure is sweet!

12 "Just the center of attention"

13 Demons hide under something.

14 You sure do got a purdy mouth

15 you should always look at signs... they tell you where to go!

16 I love SHOES!

17 You better hurry before this gift gets hauled away.

18 i am taking a snap on this cozy couch

19 finding me is no MYSTERY

20 Be sure you find the right store!! Look for Hally's Fashion and the hunt sign, then your prize! The prize you seek is not yet available at the marketplace but it is close by


22 I feel like sucha stud!

23 Kicks with these boots and away the trash. Caution don't get dirty they are white.

24 Eyes of stone are watching you

25 I thought the trash was supposed to be IN the trailer.

26 Trailer Trash can be kind of neat.
Go to HOME FURNISHINGS and pull a seat.
The BALI COUPLES CHAIR may not be a lazy-boy,
But hiding behind it, could be a new toy.

27 I thought about inflating the prize, cos I am all larger than life and stuff... and have the RIGHT MACHINE for it, but then I got bored.. wonder what I did with it......

28 Where the Dirty Neon Lights are

29 "You are such a stalker!"

30 This isn't the kind of pot I had in mind.

31 Alice Alice Everywhere, no no alice dont follow that hare!

32 I heard a BLOOM in the particle room!

33 this is one WAVE that will heat you UP

34 See the Hint giver at the store "im out on a ledge for you"

35 Yay I'm exclusive!!!!!

36 See the instore Hint Giver!

37 Hey a stalker just pulled my top up!

38 Trashy girls like to show it all..

39 We are all prostitutes and junkies.....PUTA.

40 heaven sent or hell bound?