Wednesday, July 11, 2012

we're backkkkkkk.....

it's been a year and the trailer park has filled up some... so we thought we would bring back the trailer park hunt for another round!

Stalkers Trailer Trash Hunt 2
(we're backkkkk)

**** DISCLAIMER**** i only run adult hunts... content is not child friendly, hunters are not always child friendly.... you are warned before applying!

Hunt will run September 15  thru September 30
Accepting 40 stores
Deadline for Applications: August 15th

I want to see how down right trashy we can get.. sluts, hoes ... anything in between.. manwhores... thugs... and anyone/thing else you might  find hanging out in the local trailer park!!!

This is a THEMED hunt, meaning, your item needs to be created by YOU and it needs to have a trailer trash theme to it ... this really does leave it wide open!!!!  Lets deck them out trashy style!! your item must be new<-- and unique for the hunt, you can sell it after if you want that is fine but for the duration of the hunt it must be one of a kind hunt item. Prizes should be of quality and reflect your store. Absolutely NO FREEBIES, NO BIB (business in a box) and NO RESELL vendors.

If this sounds like your kind of hunt, continue reading... if your easily offended, want everything policitally correct or just not into the adult side of SL go ahead and discard this hunt application now.

RULES PLEASE READ by applying you are AGREEING to abide by them!!
A) your gift must be an adult theme made by you. i do not feel this needs clarification however, IF when i do the hunt (and i will) and i find that you just give out some cheap freebie item or a lame gift that is sub par, i WILL note your name down and any future hunts with me you will not be permitted to join in.

B) YOU as the vendor WILL have responsibilities and you MUST be able to follow simple directions and communicate in English.

C) this is a very limited Hunt, we will only be accepting 40 Shops Max. All shops will need to be actual stores, sorry no mall locations. the landing point MUST be at your shop entrance. (if you are unclear give me a shout)

D) if you move (and i know it happens, but we try not to) YOU are responsible for keeping me up to date with a new landmark if you do not do so, then you will forfeit your spot. i am NOT going to chase people around. Again if you are confused, refer to letter B.

E) this is an ADULT hunt. All stores WILL be checked and if we don't feel you fit in we are sorry. Our hunt, our rules.

F) your gift MUST be done BEFORE the hunt starts, if i hear of/see ANYONE that does not have their gift ready on start date (and yes i have seen it) too bad so sad.  When you do that it AFFECTS everyone in the hunt.  You are turning in your application, it means you agree  that you are responsible and going to make a gift, DO IT!

G) Because of the limited number of shops available, you may only have ONE shop PER PERSON.

Now for other important things!
The hunt will run from September 15th to September 30th

Deadlines that YOU are responsible for.
Application Deadline no later than August 15th

Please Fill out the Following Information, Copy and Paste it into a NEW note card and rename the note card: STT Hunt2 - (store name) and Return it to Wildroses Pevensey before August 15th:

Store Name:

Your Name:
Second Contact: (optional)

Store Landmark:


Idea for your Gift: (showing you understand this is a THEMED HUNT we understand this could change, just want to be sure you understand the theme)

a note from me:

One thing I feel very strongly about when doing / organizing / participating in hunts is this: Hunts are for a purpose, to explore and promote our businesses. As a hunter I like to see what sl has to offer out there and as a business I like to offer a quality item that will bring the customer back time and again with friends. I expect everyone participating to take this seriously, if you cant commit the time to do the few simple things I need as a hunt organizer from you, or to provide a quality item, then I can't figure out why you are participating in hunts.  Its not worth my time as a hunter or organizer to have you in my hunt or waste my time opening your gifts so please keep that in mind when applying.

Hunts provide traffic and visibility for our stores, anymore now they are thought of as a freebie race to see who can get freebies, and sad but true that is how they are treated, but that does not mean that some of us as shop owners cannot strive to provide at least something to reflect ourselves and make us stand out among others. Not to mention the better the prizes in a hunt the more word spreads around when they see YOUR hunt item. You are not only cheating yourself, but everyone else in the hunt by giving something sub par.

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